The Chef Luigi Naccarato

Chef Luigi Naccarato

Luigi Naccarato

Born in 1991, of Calabrian origins, he grew up in Montalto Uffugo, a small village in the province of Cosenza, magical, wild and kissed by the sun, where you can still breathe good air, where you can still breathe those ancient values ​​that have now been lost. Here he spends his childhood roaming the meadows, fascinated by country life and animals. He grows up surrounded by the affection of his parents, his younger sister and his maternal grandparents. And it is his grandparents who transmit his love for cooking: his grandfather was a cook while his grandmother gave him all the Calabrian culinary knowledge, an art that in the South is considered a precious treasure and as such is handed down to generation to generation. Because the kitchen brings together. Cooking means home and family, values ​​which are of fundamental importance in the South.

The bond with his land and his traditions push him, from an early age, to approach the world of butchery, despite the dissent of his mother, contrary to the lifestyle that this job entails. The first years are difficult for him: working in the middle of the night until the first light of dawn and then going to school, the cold, the pains in the hands. Learn from a young age the sense of duty, of sacrifice, to take responsibility. There are many renunciations that he does but his passion is always stronger than any difficulty and slowly they give him many successes and many satisfactions.

Luigi Naccarato chef of the 1489 Food Pop restaurant in Gallipoli. Expert and teacher at Campus Etoile Academy Tuscania. Invites you to discover the art of meat processing, from boning to embers.

Despite higher technical studies, he continues to work in the butchery sector for many years, until he decides to make his passion for cooking more concrete and combine it with that of butchery.

So in 2016, despite knowing that he was leaving a safe job and knowing that he would have to face many economic sacrifices to stay away from home, supported only by family and few friends, he decided to launch into a new challenge: enrolling at the school Rossano Boscolo’s cooking profession, the Etoile Academy. Here he has the opportunity to meet many professionals, each of whom leaves an indelible mark on him. But only one chef will remain alongside him in the formation of the following months: Simone De Siato, with whom a strong bond is established, first as a teacher, then as a friend, today as a brother.

After the end of the academic path, he was invited by Rossano Boscolo and Simone himself to stay to work as an intern at the academy for a year. Here he has the opportunity to assist chef Simone De Siato during his lessons to the students of the academy and to assist him in the numerous specialization courses for professionals who give him the vision and innovative techniques to face the world of work in the best way. which is presented to him shortly thereafter.

Over the years the relationship of friendship with the chef Simone De Siato is consolidated more and more and the passion they both share for the kitchen and the butchery creates a perfect alchemy that leads the two to develop in 2016 the idea of ​​writing this book, thanks to the support of chef Rossano Boscolo.

After the experience of the internship, he began working at various structures in the South, followed by an experience abroad and an experience in an important Tuscan structure until Rossano Boscolo decided to call him back to Etoile to become a teacher.