the Corner of the Brewmaster

A brewmaster must know how to learn the art of mixing malt, yeast, hops to water, in order to obtain a good taste in addition to the right effervescence


Fermentation: Low - Brewed style: Lager - Color: Clear - Aroma: Fruity and floral scents - Taste: Balanced, with malt and fruit tones - Degree of bitterness: 19 IBU - Alcohol content: 5% vol

Heineken was founded by Gerard Adrian Heineken back in 1864. A 23-year-old boy who dreamed of creating the best beer that had ever been made, so good as to make it suitable for ``gentlemen`` around the world, in a time when beer it was a local drink and consumed mostly by the most humble classes. It took him nine years to develop an excellent and consistent product that made him so proud that he gave it his name, Heineken. Today, four generations have passed the company's lead and Gerard's dream has been realized: under the control of the family, Heineken is today the best-selling and best-selling premium lager beer in the world.

Gasoline Strong

Fermentation: Low - Brewed style: Strong Lager - Color: Clear - Aroma: Pleasant, decidedly malty - Taste: Balanced, malted and hoppy - Degree bitterness: 22 IBU - Alcohol content: 8% vol

Gasoline Strong was born as a tribute to all the fans of the American Style. For all lovers of the coast to coast, of Route 66, of the great spaces and of the adventure. With its 8 alcohol content, it is a double malt beer that has a strong, decisive character and a bitterish aftertaste. The appearance shows a decidedly heavy gold color. It is a refined beer, with a strongly malty aroma and a persistent foam.

Mc Farland Red

Fermentation: High - Brewed style: Irish red ale - Color: Amber - Aroma: Pleasant, decidedly malty - Taste: Scents of toasted caramel, hazelnut and licorice - Degree of bitterness: 25 IBU - Alcohol content: 5.6% vol

An Irish red par excellence, born in the Murphy's brewery, Mc Farland is a moderately fermented high-alcohol beer. With an amber red color and bronze reflections, it has an intense aroma and a typical caramel malt aroma. It has a young, full and round taste and is easy to drink.


Fermentation: Low - Brewed style: Weissbier - Color: Clear, naturally cloudy - Aroma: Elegant, decidedly fruity with hints of banana - Taste: Remarkable, notes of citrus, banana and pleasantly acidulous and sparkling - Degree bitterness: 15 IBU - Alcoholic degree : 5.4% vol

Erdinger Weissbier is a high fermentation beer produced with barley and wheat malt and, like all German weiss, it is refermented in the stem. Still produced today according to the dictates of the edict of purity of 1516, it differs in the panorama for its freshness, sparkling and its pleasantly acidulous taste. Scents and notes of citrus and banana complete the profile of this unique German beer, leader of the weissbier segment in Germany and in the world.

Ichnusa Non Filtrata

Fermentation: Low - Brewed style: Ichnusa Non Filtrata - Color: Clear and slightly cloudy - Aroma: Fruity and hoppy - Taste: Round, with delicate herbaceous sensations and notes of yellow fruit and apricot - Degree bitterness: 18 IBU - Alcohol: 5 % vol

Produced in the small brewery of Assemini, in the province of Cagliari, Ichnusa Non Filtrata is a lager that, at the end of the process, is left to decant naturally in fermentation tanks, so as to preserve the remaining yeasts in suspension. It has a golden and luminous color due to the combination of both light barley malt and caramel barley malt. It has light hints of hops and a fruity note. Slightly bitter with an intense and round body.

Birra Moretti IPA

Fermentation: High - Brewed style: Italian Pale Ale - Color: Clear and slightly cloudy - Aroma: Strongly hoppy - Taste: Balanced and hoppy - Degree bitterness: 35 IBU - Alcohol content: 5.2% vol

Birra Moretti IPA offers a recipe that maintains all the characteristics of India Pale Ale brewing style but is accessible in taste. For this reason it is referred to as Italian Pale Ale. It has a golden color with amber reflections, characterized by a natural turbidity due to non-filtration, a compact, white and fine foam. Thanks to the cold hopping, the nose immediately expresses fresh herbaceous scents reminiscent of freshly cut grass, floral and sweet fruit scents. The olfactory experience is enriched in the final with intense citrus notes that recall grapefruit. The good balance of taste, given by the balance between the hoppy note and the sweet notes of caramel malt, gives it a good drinkability and makes it ideal companion for different moments of consumption.

Birra Moretti Lunga Maturazione

Fermentation: High - Brewed style: Ale - Color: Light golden - Aroma: Balance of herbaceous notes and fruity sensations - Taste: Fresh and soft on the palate - Degree of bitterness: 25 IBU - Alcohol content: 7% vol

To make things better, the indispensable ingredient is patience. The special characteristics of Birra Moretti Lunga Maturazione come from the period that passes in the vats, maturing for forty days. The yeasts have more time for their decantation giving the beer a clear color, delicate hints of eucalyptus, thyme, marjoram and a fresh and soft taste, thanks to the caramel barley malt.